Bell Buckle Tree Board

Eugene Strobel: Chairman
Wib Smith, Jenny Hunt
Florence Hall, Brian Wofford

Trees in a community are a long living asset and often we tend to ignore them until they cause problems and demand our attention.

To help decrease the crises situations that trees periodically create, our community established a tree board. This group is charged with looking ahead to the needs and problems of the community's tree resources. By doing so our town can save the community money and create a more esthetic town.

In addition to this long term look at our trees, the Tree Board may accomplish some or all of the following activities.

  • Plants Trees
  • Coordinates other groups who plant trees.
  • Prepares plan of tree activities for the community
  • Provides tree information to other groups.
  • Selects species for various planting projects.
  • Arranges for donations of tree or money for trees.
  • Prunes young trees.
  • Collects data on trees or arranges for inventory.
  • Makes determinations for tree removal for safety on public grounds.
  • Recognizes groups and individuals who have done tree projects.
  • Arranges publicity about trees.
  • Handles complaints about tree problems.

Tree Ordinance for the town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee


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